TAMLIN pieces are cast in solid Sterling Silver and  Bronze.  14K Yellow Gold is available by special order.  All pendants hang on a Sterling Silver chain unless otherwise noted.  Handmade jewelry has subtle variations between pieces. 


Handle TAMLIN jewelry with care, and select pieces that fit your lifestyle. To reduce the effect of daily wear gently wipe with a polishing cloth and stash in a safe, soft place away from exposure to light and air. All jewelry is delicate and  susceptible to damage, it requires care while wearing, and maintenance. 

-Metals that are prone to tarnishing should be wiped down or even rinsed in soapy warm water after wearing to remove body oils and cosmetic products. ( Sometimes we even soap them up in the shower....)

-Tarnish is partially due to oxidation and exposure to the air--so storing the piece in a special jewelry box or bag can help slow tarnishing. 

-Wearing the necklaces a lot keeps them brighter, when they are left out on a dresser and unworn for periods of time they tend to get more tarnished. 


Bronze  has a beautiful warm yellow tone that naturally darkens over time--sometimes to a deep golden-yellow, often to a warm brown color. It quickly develops surface oxidation and loses its luster, especially if worn against the skin where it can be affected by your natural oils. Surface imperfections are part of the beauty of bronze. Where possible we apply a clear coating to bronze to help keep it bright and shiny. 

Sterling Silver is a white colored metal,  also prone to tarnishing. Exposed to oils and oxygen, bright silver turns darker and duller over time.

14k Yellow Gold has a light yellow tone, but doesn't have the rich yellow of 24k.  It is stronger, harder and more scratch resistant than silver or higher karat golds. It is generally tarnish resistant.


We use baroque Tahitian and South Sea Pearls, and occasionally we will offer Freshwater pearls as well. They vary greatly, are totally gorgeous and no two are alike. We hand select loose pearls that we like and drill them to the specifications of each piece. Your pearls will share color and size with images shown, but little else. Precise matches are not our style, we like the natural one-of-a-kind character of baroque pearls.


Silver and bronze acquire a beautiful natural patina, please expect some natural tarnishing over time . You may think this is badass and wonderful—or you may be in a constant battle with the tarnish. Should you wish to keep your new pendant shining bright,  buff it gently with a jeweler’s polishing cloth or take it in to your jeweler for periodic cleaning and polishing. Should you enjoy the natural darkening of your jewelry, you mustn’t lift a finger.  

Highly polished mirror-like  surfaces scratch and nick easily, and they will gradually dull over time.

Jewelry should be protected from harsh chemicals, abrasive surfaces and cosmetics at all times.


Fine necklace chains are delicate! Do anything crazy to them and you may find that they break. The finer (and longer) they are, the more careful you must be. Warn your lovers, and take extra care when bending over things that may snag and rip a delicate chain.